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User story

Denise Buijtendijk

Denise Buijtendijk

Denise shares her journey from casual races to achieving a sub-4 marathon with Trenara's structured and personalized training plans, becoming a loyal fan.

Denise shares her journey from casual races to achieving a sub-4 marathon with Trenara's structured and personalized training plans, becoming a loyal fan.

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My love for running started in May 2011. After that, I did some races from 10km to a half marathon. In 2018, I ran my first marathon in Rotterdam with Sportrusten. And my 2nd, again in Rotterdam, in 2019 with a traditional schedule. Fortunately, I did manage to improve my time then... but I wanted to try something different for my 3rd marathon in Valencia.

In June 2019, I came across Trenara. Started with the free version and faithfully followed the schedule 3 times a week. I was really taken out of my comfort zone because I was naturally a lazy runner. I didn't enjoy pushing myself.

December 2019 - Valencia
I ran this marathon so strongly... no slump, stable, and a super nice PR: finally under 4:30. My time was 2 minutes faster than what Trenara had predicted: 4:27 instead of 4:29. What a celebration!

Meanwhile, I was already registered for my 3rd marathon in Rotterdam (2020), which of course did not take place. But I kept training with Trenara and upgraded from the free version to Peak Pro. And I also started training 4 times a week, what else can you do in a lockdown?

That paid off for me. Due to Corona and the Lockdown, there were no events but I still managed to set a PR for the 5 & 10. Then came the 2 Rivers Marathon in January 2021... and unfortunately, that didn't happen either due to Covid. But the organization came up with a virtual version... and so it happened. A solo marathon through the polder, with 2 cyclists accompanying me, and off we went. And once again, I managed to shave off a whopping 27 minutes (!!) from my marathon time with Trenara's schedule. I could hardly believe it myself!!! And just 47s above the 4-hour mark... never thought I would come so close to a sub 4.

This gave me a lot of confidence. So I decided to go for a sub 4 in Rotterdam... meanwhile, my 3rd marathon preparation with Trenara. I even managed to train in Italy. Well, I cursed Trenara regarding the grueling paces. But the app also provides reassurance: you know what is expected of you. Everything is pre-programmed in your watch, that's the beauty of Peak Pro. But I also appreciated that Christophe provided guidance during a (minor) injury.

And I haven't even mentioned your feedback... if you're stubborn, you get scolded (Rotterdam dialect for having your ears pulled 😉) or you've done well. And most of the time, it makes me laugh. The Rotterdam schedule was tough and challenging. But if you want something, you have to work for it, that's really my motto! And if you're rewarded with a sub 4 in Rotterdam... From 5:04 to 3:58, so awesome!!! And a mention in the Runner’s World... YESSS!

As the icing on the cake, I set a huge PR in the half marathon in Spijkenisse with 1:49 after Rotterdam, a perfect conclusion to a great running year. I've grown immensely as a runner. Your schedules are user-friendly. You are approachable, thoughtful. And your workouts provide structure for me.

Guys from Trenara, I'm a loyal fan. My 6th marathon is planned and of course with your schedule!